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static files

The default mountpoint of a Helma application is always a code repository, which means that requests will be handled by the application's Javascript environment and will not reference specific server pages. Static files on the other hand are served from separate "static" mountpoints.

In Helma's default installation, the "welcome" application is serving static files from its "static" directory at ./apps/welcome/static/ and makes them accessible through URLs starting with http://serverjs.org/static/

For example, you should be able to access the file named "test.txt" inside the ./apps/welcome/static/ directory via the URL http://serverjs.org/static/test.txt

Inside the ./apps.properties file, you will find the following settings, which control the related behavior:

welcome.static = apps/welcome/static
welcome.staticMountpoint = /static
welcome.staticHome = index.html,default.html
welcome.staticIndex = true

More information about these and additional settings related to serving static files: